01 April 2023

Our latest Outdoor Collection has just hit the streets of London in the form of a mural artwork that showcases some of the key pieces from the collection.

As part of our new campaign, we just unveiled a mural artwork brimming with color and confidence. Located at Ebor Street in Shoreditch, London, the artwork features key pieces from the new Outdoor Collection.

One of the standout pieces is the seasonal must-have Trace Solid Jacket, a water-resistant windbreaker in a vibrant shade of orange. Another highlight is the versatile and water-resistant Nile Overshirt that provides the ideal mix of style, performance and practicality. Perfect for layering or as the finishing touch to your look, Nile Overshirt is crafted from 100% recycled polyester, a more sustainable choice that saves natural resources and reduces the amount of waste.