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Go out, run and play. Question, decide, change your mind. Explore, Create. Don't just sit and watch. Get active.

This season we are launching our most extensive activewear collection ever. A collection made for more than working out, and inspired by people who are active in their own ways. Creative minds, active in everything from arts and music to sports. Personal expression and drive. A collection designed for performance, but most of all: for motivation.

Made for sweaty session on the treadmill, for comfort and style while recording in the studio, running errands, yoga getaways or for creating art. A line that ranges from tracksuits to seamless workout clothes, compression pieces and cycling gear to outerwear, swimwear and knits. Designed to be comfortable, functional with its own unique design expression.

Sometimes being active can inspire you form a new thought, sometimes it can change the world.

#Weareactive is the idea that being active sparks creativity and movement. To discover new places, new people and new ideas. Share your story on being active, using the hashtags #weareactive and #J.Lindeberg to share your unique way of being active. #Weareactive is the idea that being active sparks creativity and movement.


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