At J.Lindeberg we care deeply about the integrity and privacy of the members of our community. We have a zero tolerance policy regarding all types of discrimination and sexual harassments occurring in our channels, as it would be in conflict with our values and the way we wish to build our community. This policy applies to all employees, consultants, clients, and ambassadors or any other partner collaborating with JL.

Accounts & Access

At the moment J.Lindeberg is using the following Social media channels:

• Facebook • Instagram

Access to the social channels is restricted within the organization to avoid exposure to potential risk. The Community Manager is responsible for all the social media accounts.

The Community Manager is the main responsible for going through likes, comments, requests, tags and mentions. In the case of inappropriate comments or other actions, the Community Manager will review and take action to handle the matter.

Personal Information

For our customer- and partners’ consideration, we are working proactively to maintain their privacy throughout our social channels and adhere to GDPR regulations. We will not gather any additional information about our followers apart from name, username and occasionally e-mail addresses provided through social media. At J.Lindeberg we value personal integrity, and therefore never collect personal data without explicit consent.

Content Approval

All content used in our social channels needs to have appropriate rights of use. When working with models, agencies, photographers, influencers and retouchers all concerned parties need to approve that their work are being featured in our channels.

When reposting something from another channel, we make sure all appropriate approvals are in place before we post anything in our own channels. This applies to photographers, stylists, influencers and model agencies.


Our daily social media routines include supervising all comments, mentions and tags that contain our user name. In order to make sure that any comments, mentions and tags comply with J.Lindeberg social media policy.


If we were to come across an image or video where J.Lindeberg is tagged in a photo featuring violence, guns, sexual harassment or discrimination, J.Lindeberg will report the image or video.

Comments and direct messages

We are open to both positive and negative feedback about our brand and products, and appreciate when our followers comment on our social media posts. However, if negative comments would arise regarding any person featured in the images or videos, that could be perceived as discriminating or harassing based on sex, gender identity or expression, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation and age we remove the comment or image depending on the severity of each individual case.

When sending us a DM, we are the only account allowed to take part in the conversation along with the sender. Therefore, we will not remove any negative comments in the Direct message inbox.


If a featured person or follower requests that we remove an image, tag of them or content under their ownership we will do our best to meet that request. We have no interest in featuring people or content, where the unwillingness to participate has been brought to our attention.

For any questions or requests, visit



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